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GeekR Box Pro
GeekR Box Lite
GeekR Box Pop!
This is our top of the line, fully packed box. Each month your box has a different theme associated with it and comes with 5-8 geeky, fun and video game related items. Oh and we also throw in a
t-shirt for good measure.
The GeekR Box Lite plan is for people who are looking for a random Funko Pop! as well as a matching themed t-shirt to go along with it. Each month will feature a different theme than the last with no repeats. This way you’ll be sure to not get duplicates.
By popular demand we’d like to introduce our GeekR Box Pop! Plan. Each month you’ll receive a random Funko Pop! No worries about receiving repeat Pops, we make sure to catalog what we’ve already sent you. Start building your collection today!
$29.95 Per Month + Shipping
$19.95 Per Month + Shipping
$10.95 Per Month + Shipping


Emily Paige
Scott Russell
Dan Swedburg
“I enjoyed the boxes my son got so
much that I signed up for my own!”
“I eagerly await the
delivery of my BrickR Box every month!”
“The best part is not knowing what
will come each month. It’s a fun surprise!”